About Us

We specialize in developing, producing, and marketing affordable solutions to amplifier circuits. By incorporating classic tube amplifier circuits into simple and convenient printed circuit board packages, we have been providing high quality circuit board solutions. Our customer base includes guitar amplifier enthusiasts from boutique amp shops to do-it-yourself amp modders.

Our first creation was a circuit board version of the legendary Marshall 18 Watt 1974x. It's a simplified version known as the LiteIIb. We call our circuit board version the "Baby Will". There's more to read about the Baby Will in its product page and you can learn more about the LiteIIb circuit over at 18Watt.com.

The in the years since, we've launched and further developed our product portfolio to include another 18 Watt variant, the SuperLite II, and a 5 Watt single ended amp modeled after the Marshall Super Lead 50 Watt, the Plexi SE.

We developed a circuit board version of the famous Fender Tweed 5E3 and released it to the public domain through Wattkins Amp Forums. The PCB was incredibly popular and, thanks to it's versatility, has been re-engineered by forum members to be a truly Universal PCB.

And we continue to develop new circuit board solutions for great sounding guitar amplifiers. Check out our News page to read about the latest projects we are working on.

So, thanks for stopping by. Make yourself at home and feel free to browse around. We've created all kinds of neat stuff.

P.S. Our old web site can be found at legacy.guitaramplifierpcbs.com for archival purposes.